Our classes are taught in a relaxed, easy to learn manner by Firefighters, paramedics, nurses and EMT’s. We teach each class from a real world format. We realize these types of classes can be a bit boring but we guarantee you will not be bored with our teaching style. Our "light hearted" approach in teaching a serious subject, as well as the hands on techniques we use, results in greatly improved memory retention.

CPR for Dummies offers on-site training in addition to our own locations. We have a wide service area including the Greater Bay Area and Northern California. Please contact us for minimum class requirements for your on-site training needs.


Our Mission

We at CPR for Dummies have a desire and a goal to assure that members in communities and the workplace can feel more confident and safer in the knowledge that they can come to the aid of each other because of their newly acquired skill sets.

our passion for teaching becomeS your passion for learning when it comes to saving a life.

Great presentation. Interesting, informative, fun, and interactive. The way the material was presented will make it a lot easier to retain the knowledge and there was a lot of supporting information intended to help the overall goal of being able to help others. Highly recommended!
— Chip White | 5/4/2014

What We TeACH

  • ACLS

  • AHA HealthCare Provider CPR/AED

  • AHA Heart Saver CPR/AED

  • AHA First Aid

  • AHA Heart Saver CPR/AED/First Aid

  • ASHI Community CPR/AED

  • ASHI Community First Aid

  • ASHI Community CPR/AED/First Aid

  • Baby Sitting Basics

  • Blood Borne Pathogen

  • O.S.H.A.(Occupation, Safety & Health Administration)

  • P.H.T.L.S. (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support)

  • P.O.S.T. certified (Peace Officer Standards and Training)

  • P.A.L.S. (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

  • Wilderness Survival